Evita’s Choice


Ask someone to name 3 words they associate with Argentina: chances are, beef or steak will be one of them. That’s how intertwined meat is with Argentina’s identity. Famous in Argentina are the parillas (traditional meat restaurants), where Argentines go to proudly enjoy a delicious tender steak. And all over the world you’ll find Argentine steak houses, because it’s not only the Argentines who are crazy about their beef; carnivores all over the world love a good Argentine steak.

There’s also a good chance the name of Eva Perón (Evita) will come up when people are asked about Argentina. From 1945 to 1952, she was the most influential woman in Argentina, with a huge number of admirers, especially among the poor and working classes. Her involvement with the entire people and her popularity explain the association with our Argentine meat. We want to share the beloved Argentine steaks with all meat lovers

Evita’s Choice; the symbol of Argentina on your plate

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