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I think from 40mm to 41mm people fear it will get heavier. Ok, I'll let you know that the weight of the three 41mm submarines is 2-3 grams. I mean the difference is not significant. I once spoke to a watchmaker and he told me that the new 3200 series movement is actually a heavier movement, so it may have some weight differences, but overall the six-figure Supercase and the new El Rolex replica watches vary a lot. It can be ignored, so if you are used to the weight of a heavier watch, I would say it is mainly because of the bracelet, so all of these center links are now made of solid stainless steel, which is a matter of course. This will add a lot of weight, so if you're used to the new 41mm standard it won't change much for those who love five-digit references. I believe that with the updated design of the buckle and bracelet, less weight can be achieved, especially when your wrist is smaller, you can move the position of the buckle more precisely and it fits your wrist better.

Therefore, I think that the difference in weight now does not even apply to newer models, because in this way the buckle can be better and more accurately located on the wrist. So the weight is worth mentioning because they are heavier, but I think the difference between the new bracelets and the bracelets that now cover a lot of numbers is negligible. I want to briefly introduce the mechanism, so in the 5-digit reference we mention the 3100 series. It's 3130 undated and 3135 in both dated versions. Go to the unchanged supermap. So 114060 has no date to continue to own 3130, and Hulk, the super date owned by child 3135. So when we went to 12, we have a new 3200 series movement. So So the legacy versions are 3230 and 3235 and replica Rolex says there are 95 new examples. Things like the Chronoenergy exhaust system are more efficient exhaust systems with a 70 hour power reserve, for example, so doing absolutely serious work is a great step.

Except this is the advertisement received from Rolex, the box containing the watch, as a hardcore watch collector, I usually tell me that you know that my advertisement wants everything that comes with the perfection cloned watches, you know he knows, if I want Buying a watch from him, I want this special case, so I continue to put it aside, once removed, it is like an ivory cream box with a green box inside, so you know the box in the box , Let's continue to open this, um, this is actually a medium-sized box, because it is a medium-sized box with a small flap that can be folded down, if we go back here, you will see there The letter m represents the medium size. My previous imitation Rolex entry level watch Oyster Perpetual watches were all small boxes, so it was the letter s instead of the letter m, and these boxes did not have this special flip cover, it was just a completely sealed box, and you know you want to take out the green box , It must be turned upside down or something, but this is a medium-sized box, once we get rid of that box, it will fall off this small flap. Here is the actual fake Rolex display box, you know it is absolutely beautiful, this is Rolex replica green, this is their color.

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Rolex Submariner 16610LV

This is also their marketing strategy. Of course it's the bottom crown, but you know it's very good. It's a very good box. There's nothing else behind it. Now I'm going to continue. I want to continue to show you my brand new 2020 Rolex replica Submariner, so I Before I take out the watch, I want to continue. If you look up here, this little half circle is the compartment where the paper box is located, so once I open it, it will have an instruction to set the time. After passing, it also contains a nice leather pouch with a UM inside, a warranty card on it, and on the back of it, there is a UM warranty manual, just in case it needs repairs, and then you know it's just UM. A nice design of the leather bag, well, you know holding things like business cards or credit cards and other credit cards, and UM items move on top of UM, so guys I want to talk about the warranty card, and UM and knock off Rolex Actually changed the warranty card recently.

One possible controversy in the 3200 series is the weight of the pendulum. Obviously, the reversal has a new direction. People say it's louder, so we'll do our best to record this with a microphone to compare them. Difference between. The 3100 series movement and the 3200 series movement, we can really see if there is a clear difference between them, but also this movement is the best movement, so we have a lot of numbers and movements. Available for your choice. So, visually speaking, I want to start at 126610lv Starbucks (Cermit), whatever we call it. We'll give it a name, the green border looks like the green Hulk border. It now has a black dial instead of the Hulk's green sunbeam, so it looks more like Kermit. I still doubt it, I am a great lover of the Hulk. I love the green dial, and I also love that it looks black in certain lighting conditions, but the super case doesn't suit me. So when they released this watch, I was really excited, but I still hope because when you go back to the black dial, the green will be slightly larger than the emerald green Kermit. So I'm still skeptical about the look of this watch, but again, in terms of style, I think a diver's watch is definitely a step in the right direction.

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Since we are now talking between the normal date version and 124060, I want to say that both models that I am about to say are almost perfect. I mean the proportions are good, as I said, the dress is super nice, the black is gorgeous. The three fonts are now bolder and I think they are next to each other. You will notice that the hands of these three clocks have also increased. This is not only because the size of the case has increased, but also because the minute hand is now proportional to the minute handle, and the second hand is also longer, so the hands are only filled. pointer. Better labeling. Another point that might be tricky to see, but in the center it seems a little more submerged than the previous Supercase sample, and you can capture it by reflecting the glossy paint. On the dial. Someone mentioned this in the last video and I didn't notice it at first, and as I watched more and more, I thought it was there. I don't think the number of links above has dropped significantly. So now that we've discussed the series of measurements on the watch, let's take a step back again.

Rolex fake will never say that, but the super body is a mistake. Some people might like this, but if we move from what I said to the digital link to the new 12, which seems to be a natural successor, then the supermap looks like a branch and they fixed it in various ways. The new 12 seems like a big brother and the new 12 seems like a brother, do you want to call it the old five-digit designation. The elegant lines are back, albeit a bit larger and making their mark. The word I use to describe Supercase doesn't have the radical blocky design of Supercase, and 12 retains the impressive essence of Supercase but returns five numbers of elegance. Reference. Therefore, I am a strong supporter of the Five-Figure replica Submariners. I love the nostalgic look, it looks like a 30-40 year old submarine, you can't tell them apart, but the stunning nature of the Supercase submarine, ceramic submarine and now 12 is tricky. to refuse. Especially for the 12, it's actually true, I've said it before, but it seems like a modern impressive sports watch.

He has a large share. It's easy to use, so I don't think there is a need to mention the three new 12. 124060, 126610 and 126610LV Cermit, Cermit Kermit, Starbucks, whatever we call it, is an authorized diver. If you are looking for fake Submariner. Good luck because you may not find it, but if you are looking to buy a AAA Submariner, I would recommend They have reached the level of excellence we saw in proportions and I think they are very impressive from a purely technical point of view. As I see more of these new things and the newness wears off, this situation will change, but I think I can observe them empirically.


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