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Evita’s Choice


Ask someone to name 3 words they associate with Argentina: chances are, beef or steak will be one of them. That’s how intertwined meat is with Argentina’s identity. Famous in Argentina are the parillas (traditional meat restaurants), where Argentines go to proudly enjoy a delicious tender steak. And all over the world you’ll find Argentine steak houses, because it’s not only the Argentines who are crazy about their beef; carnivores all over the world love a good Argentine steak.

 There’s also a good chance the name of Eva Perón (Evita) will come up when people are asked about Argentina. From 1945 to 1952, she was the most influential woman in Argentina, with a huge number of admirers, especially among the poor and working classes. Her involvement with the entire people and her popularity explain the association with our Argentine meat. We want to share the beloved Argentine steaks with all meat lovers.

Evita’s Choice; the symbol of Argentina on your plate

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Braford, Brangus, Hereford and Angus

These days, the two most popular breeds of beef cattle in Argentina are Braford and Brangus. Evita’s Choice primarily supplies meat from the Braford, Brangus, Hereford and Angus breeds.

Over the centuries, various breeds of cattle have been brought to Argentina – the Zebu in particular due to its heat-tolerance and as a beast of burden, the Holstein for milk production and the Shorthorn for both milk and beef production. However, at the end of the 19th century, the focus was on the typical beef cattle breeds Hereford and Aberdeen Angus.

In response to the growing demand for high quality beef, selective crossbreeds were also developed. For example, the Braford and Brangus originated from a cross between the Brahman breed (a type of Zebu) and the Hereford and the Angus breeds, respectively. The combination resulted in a breed that brings together the qualities of two highly successful parent breeds; an animal that thrives in many climates, has good resistance and produces excellent quality beef.

Grain-fed for at least 100 days

The cattle used to produce Evita’s Choice meat live for over 26 months in complete freedom on the wide-open pampas. Here, the cows are free to graze and take advantage of the abundant grass. Gauchos keep an eye on them. The freedom the cows have to move around ensure healthy circulation and muscle mass; the basis for firm and yet tender meat.

Evita’s Choice offers high quality grain fed beef. After their life on the pampas, the cattle are brought to specially-designed, generously laid-out feedlots. Here, they are given a special diet with grain as its main constituent for a period of at least 100 days. A close eye is kept on their nutrition, health and welfare. Feeding the cattle with grain results in balanced extra “intra-muscular” fat. This can be seen in the fine fat veining of the meat, a marbling effect that provides extra flavour.


Argentine beef has the reputation of being among the best meat in the world. The decisive factors for producing tender meat rich in flavour are the breed, the living environment and the animals’ diet. These three basic conditions are fulfilled in the selected breeds, the temperate climate of the seemingly endless pampas with their abundant grass and the finishing with grain for extra fat and hence extra flavour.

Naturally, hygiene and food safety are governed by strict regulations in Argentina. In order to be considered for Evita’s Choice, the entire chain must also fulfil the quality requirements imposed by the EU.

Evita’s Choice meat is fully traceable. Traceability starts with individually identifying the animals per batch by means of a unique code. This code is electronically transmitted at every step of the production process, so assuring identification and guaranteeing the provenance of the beef towards our customers.


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Evita’s Choice not only offers the popular cuts from the hindquarter but also various cuts from the forequarter. Evita’s Choice cattle graze for over 26 months in complete freedom on the wide-open pampas. This helps the meat to develop rich flavour. This is followed by a period of at least 100 days during which the cattle are given a special diet with grain as its main constituent. Feeding the cattle with grain results in balanced extra “intra-muscular” fat. This can be seen in the fine fat veining of the meat, a marbling effect that produces extra flavour. The expertise of the farmer, the nutrition and the stress-free lives of the cattle ensure a unique combination which you can taste.

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